Key Points

  • A new Venture Studio developing innovative products only where we have existing team experience and technical expertise.

  • Over $1,000,000 has already been invested into the portfolio companies for R&D, equipment, materials, and IP expenses.  This does not count the labor hours.

  • Medical device markets are not affected by changes in the economy, or by COVID-19.  The markets will continue to grow as the population is aging.​

  • All portfolio companies are QSBS.

  • The product development cycles align well with being ready for the clinic and the markets by the end of the COVID threat.

  • Investments will be considered in portfolio companies located in the OC.

  • The portfolio company’s products fill existing unmet needs or have new indications, in large and emerging markets.

  • Twenty-five new hires may be made in the OC within the next 9-12 months to support the initial portfolio.

  • The current team has extensive experience with medical device development, testing, clinical trials, regulatory approvals, and commercial launches.  The team has also participated in multiple exits and IPOs.


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