Quantum Fund OC, LLC

Quantum Fund OC, LLC is an Orange County, California based Venture Studio that evaluates investments into catheter-based diagnostic and interventional radiology technologies.

Our Solutions

Quantum focuses on KOL physician inspired Class I and Class II (USA) and class III (EU & OUS) product ideas that have pending or issued, IP. Our contract manufacturer may provide seed funding and utilize the existing infrastructure and facility in Orange County to design, develop, and bring the products through regulatory approval.

Additional management and/or R&D talent may be hired to provide project management, product development, intellectual property reviews, engineering testing, clinical studies, and marketing/sales for the development and manufacture of the new technology.

Each new project may be housed in the Orange County-based contract manufacturing facility through the completion of regulatory approvals and limited market release (LMR), if necessary.

Manufacturing can be transferred to an acquisition partner or set up at the contract manufacturing facility on a contract basis.


Operational Benefits

Existing ISO certified facility in Orange County with test labs and cleanrooms

Approved Quality Management System

Full Management, R&D, Regulatory, Quality, and Manufacturing technician teams

Full line of catheter manufacturing equipment


Rapid Prototyping capabilities

Conference and 
meeting space

Capacity for Growth

The Portfolio Company Process


KOL/Organic Idea Generation


IP Review/Market Analysis/

Proof of Concept


Newco Formation/Seed Capital


Quantum Fund Capital Investment


R&D/Testing/Regulatory Approvals/Manufacturing


Build Traction and Exit

 Unique Portfolio Management

Quantum Fund OC, LLC manages the portfolio companies uniquely in several aspects.


Meet the Team

  • The General Partners carefully evaluate portfolio companies by utilizing their extensive industry experience and staying in their lane to only select innovative technologies that fill gaps in emerging markets. The fund will likely not make passive investments, but only investments into companies where the General Partners can gain majority control.​​


  • The General Partners’ Orange County-based Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), with vast experience for developing and manufacturing catheter-based neurovascular products, will house each project and perform the development through limited market release and subsequent commercialization. This eliminates the need for separate brick and mortar set-ups and staffing for each Newco, will increase development speed, and reduce funding requirements.


  • The General Partners will not take any salaries from the management fees. A management fee of 1% only will be used to cover General Partners' and Manager's general operating and legal expenses.


  • The General Partners will not share in any exit profit distributions until there is at least a 3X return to the Limited Partners.

  • Newcos will routinely have an equal equity split between the Founders and the Limited Partners. This eliminates the need for priced rounds and creates aligned goals for the fund and all Newcos.


  • The fund will focus on providing seed funding to the Orange County Medical Device ecosystem to sustain the innovation local cycle.

Dave Ferrera

General Partner

Entrepreneur and Executive with a proven track record of success in leading US-based medical startups from idea phases all the way to successful commercialization of products and exits (Micrus IPO in 2004; Microvention acquired by Terumo in 2006; Mindframe acquired by Covidien in 2012; Blockade acquired by Balt in 2016). Dave has been involved in several investment license agreements and acquisitions. He holds over 70 US and International patents. He has a degree in plastics engineering from the University of Lowell.

Bill Colone

General Partner

Entrepreneur and Executive with over 37 years of development experience in leading US-based medical device companies and startups from inception through successful commercialization of products and license agreements (Endomed and Arizona Heart Innovative Technologies). He holds over 50 US and international issued and pending patents and most recently served as the CEO of Spinal Singularity where he obtained funding and staffed the company. Bill has also successfully developed and licensed several products conceived by physician inventors. Bill has a degree in chemical engineering from Arizona State University.

Matt Hayden

Executive Advisor

Active investor through his family office "Sea Purity Investments" which employs a multi-strategy approach and finances numerous public and private companies each year. The portfolio includes LP positions in 14 funds and direct investments in 80 companies with about 35% of the portfolio residing in SoCal. His team works hard to add value for companies where applicable and IMPACT investing is cornerstone of the overall strategy. Matt previously founded and built which provided investor relations services for public companies. He graduated summa cum laude from University of South Carolina.



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